June Newsletter

Kim Lundeen Long Haul Trucking

Celebrating success for the 2017 Road Check

To recognize our drivers and all of their hard work, Long Haul once again held prize drawings for all drivers who received violation free inspections during the 2017 CVSA’s International Roadcheck.  As summer ramps up and we remain busy, it’s important to take pride in maintaining your rig properly in order to keep the wheels turning and earning. Please join us in congratulating Brian Beddo and Tony Huttenstine for receiving clean inspections during Roadcheck 2017.   Each of them will be receiving a gift card for $100.00 in appreciation of their clean inspection, great work guys!  Additionally, please congratulate Sid Askeland, Ken Cusack, Gary Hewitt, Gary ‘Yogi’ Svitkovich and Tom Dyson who’s names were drawn in the Cargo Securement Inspection Incentive Drawing, each of these fine drivers will also be receiving a $100 gift card.  We cannot say enough about how proud we are to have so many first class drivers working for Long Haul.  As a company focused on being well maintained, reliable and safe it is important that we continue to do the little things right all year long in order to keep trucking and free of any violation or citation.

Summer’s Heating Up!

Summer months and warm weather often means that freight will be picking up, which is certainly the case this year!  As we come to the end of another successful quarter we can’t thank the fine folks working at our company enough for all of the great work they’ve put in to ensure our company, drivers and assets are generating as much revenue as possible!  However, as we continue to work in this fast paced freight frenzy, please remember to remain stable minded of the important safety tips we practice all year long.  Furthermore, please continue to take your time when loading / unloading to ensure proper securement for both the load and yourselves as drivers!  We understand the rush that comes from chasing your next big load, but can’t afford to go so fast that we risk injury or a violation. Staying busy is a good thing, but by focusing on properly executing one load at a time we can avoid the little hazards that might arise from not keeping our heads in the game! Always remember the importance of attention to detail, and thank you for all your hard work!

Need a Vacation?   

 It’s vacation season for many people this time of year, and we understand that holds true for a lot of the individuals within our own organization as well!  It’s great to take some time to get away from work and relax with family or friends, while unwinding from the fast paced culture we work in almost every day.  For our teammates on the road, vacations are extra important as it can often mean they need to be in a particular place at a certain time in order to have their plans remain intact.  If you have vacation coming up, please remember the importance of thoroughly communicating with office personnel and dispatch in order to remain in a position to arrive for your important plans on time! Where you need to be, and when you need to be there are important for us to know in order to properly have you planned into position.  There’s nothing worse than added stress when trying to enjoy your time off, and we want to ensure each of our folks have ample time to do so

Three Keys for the Month

1)  Congratulations to all of the drivers who successfully completed this year’s CVSA Roadcheck!  We appreciate all your great work and attention to safety!

2)  Don’t forget to communicate your summer plans with office personnel and dispatch in order to ensure that any important dates aren’t missed!  We want to make sure every member of our team is in the right position to enjoy their summer.

3)  Axle weights continue to be an issue and we encourage all drivers to remember the importance of a thorough pre-trip and post- trip inspection as a preventative means of avoiding these fines.


Monthly tips to help keep our money in our wallets, not paying fines.

This month we would like to take some extra time to acknowledge the importance of making sure we are not over weight on our axles.   This issue seems to be one that pops up more frequently than other citations, and there are a few key items we can focus on to change that.  First, always remember the importance of a thorough pre-trip inspection and post trip inspection. Take the time to walk around your trailer, look at your airbags, and ensure that everything is appropriately maintained in order to have another successful day of hauling.  Furthermore, keep a close eye on crane and forklift operators when being loaded to ensure they are properly dispersing the weight of your load on the trailer deck.   Don’t be afraid to ask who ever is loading you to shift the load into appropriate position in order to ensure everything is up to code.  We appreciate all of the great work our drivers put in every day and want to ensure they can remain as citation, and violation free as possible!