About Long Haul Trucking

Running on the power of promises kept


Our customers demand service they can count on with every load entrusted to us. You measure our ability to keep your business by several key criteria: on-time delivery, consistently thoughtful service, anticipation of your needs, knowledge of the carrier role in your business, competitive pricing, careful cargo handling with no damage claims, accurate record keeping, financial stability and the quality of equipment and personal.

Whether you ship bulk or bag commodities, steel coils, aluminum, components or produce in season, etc., our professional drivers; knowledgeable, experienced dispatchers; and customized, top-of-the-line equipment deliver the best service on the road.

Situated just outside of Minneapolis, in Albertville, Minnesota, the Long Haul Companies general offices are not more than 40 hours in any direction from all major United States shipping points. And, most cities are considerably closer to our fleet headquarters. We hold

  • 48 United States ICC Common Carrier, Contract Carrier licensed, bonded broker authorities.
  • Authority certificates in both Ontario and Quebec, Canada

The Long Haul Companies standard is to get shipments delivered in the same condition as they were picked up. Few carriers can make this claim.

At our general offices, we maintain a professional and experienced staff. They are available to answer your questions over a wide range of logistics and distribution topics.

Being in business for over 25 years, we have shown tremendous growth in our fleet and in client satisfaction. The Long Haul Companies are now handling over 31,000 shipments per year and for one reason…we never forget to keep our promises to you our customers. Give us a call and see why over 2,400 customers choose the Long Haul Companies as their carrier. In the Long Haul, we can do well together.

Long Haul Trucking