Manage and optimize your transportation operation with LHTMS

How developed is your supply chain?

“Eighty-five percent of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in the systems and process rather than the employee. The role of management is to change the process rather than badgering individuals to do better.”
W. Edwards Deming

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Why partner with LHTms?

LHTms – is a vast, intuitive multi-mode TMS for mid to large 3PLs, shippers, brokers, forwarders and other non-asset based transportation companies that manages and optimizes your transportation operation.

LHTms manages the full order-to-cash process in real time and within a single system.

  • Order management
  • Rate, route and optimize the best ways to move those orders
  • Execution of the order and tendering
  • Track/trace capabilities, continuous visibility into the order, reports, dashboards and PODs
  • Financial settlement and audit

Cut costs & improve efficiencies with LHTMS

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LHTms is a nimble, one stop shop for transportation that maximizes efficiencies in reporting, planning, and execution. Our software is parallel to that of the major market players, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Planning

    LHTms will help with the most effective route planning.
    LHTms offers carrier solutions based on tender specifications and a flexible design.

  • Transportation

    View real time road delays and closures.
    Connect status updates to active loads with GPS, EDI, Four Kytes or Macro Point

  • Reporting

    Manage your reporting and analytics.
    Work in an easy, user friendly software system that is simple to manipulate and master

Easy to Manipulate

Adapts to your supply chain

Quick to implement

Cost Effective

Supply Chains are Evolving

“The supply chain stuff is really tricky.”
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

We will support Brokerage and managed services on a single platform