September Newsletter

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Long Haul Trucking’s Board Announces New CEO and Executive Team
Long Haul Trucking’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the successor to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position. Jason Michels, Executive Vice President of Long Haul Trucking, has been chosen by the Board of Directors to serve as Long Haul Trucking’s CEO in 2019. This promotion is part of Long Haul Trucking’s ESOP transition, put in place when John Daniels elected to transfer the company to his employees in 2013. John Daniels (JD) announced he will be moving from the CEO to Chairman of the Board after 33 years with the company, 28 of which he was the sole owner. JD will maintain an active leadership role in the companies’ future plans. Jason will be joining our executive team along side of current CFO Tiffani Steinke and new Vice President of Operations Josh Hainstock. Please join us in congratulating all three of these fine individuals and thanking them for their dedication toward the continued success of LHT!

Driver Appreciation
Thank you to everyone who made Driver Appreciation Week at Long Haul a success, and congratulations to all of the drivers that won a prize! As an organization, we take pride in making sure our drivers feel appreciated every single day of the year, and not just one week. We value the fact that DAW is a nation wide holiday that recognizes all truckers for their hard work and dedication to hauling all year long! Thank you again to all drivers on the road way and especially those in the LHT family, you guys rock and we couldn’t be more proud of the great work you do every single day, all year long. There’s nothing easy about being a truck driver and living a life over the road. We value the fact that not only do our drivers do this with great professionalism, but better than anyone else on the road!

It’s That Time of the Year…
As winter months close in, the Colorado Chain Law has officially gone into effect as of September 1st and will remain in place until May 31st. As a reminder, this law states that all trucks must carry enough chains to cover all four driver tires plus spares. As a company that takes pride in offering our customers service in all 48 states, it is critical that each truck is equipped with the proper equipment in order to safely provide first class service for all of the customers in our network throughout the entire year! Thank you again to each of our first class drivers for the work that you’ve put in so far this year. We appreciate all of your efforts and couldn’t be more proud to have you on our team

Always Moving Forward, Without Forgetting Where We Came From
The Month of September brought with an announcement of new leadership for the future and we couldn’t be more excited about all of the positive feedback we received. As an employee owned company we take pride in making sure our ethics, values and commitment to excellence never wavers from the original vision John Daniels had when starting this organization over 30 years ago. “When I started Long Haul over 30 years ago, I never dreamed it would grow to what it is today,” JD said. “Our growth, driver retention and industry reputation is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. The leadership team I put in place has been successfully running the company since 2014 and this transition will simply be a title change. I am committed to helping Long Haul continue to be an industry leader.” Thank you to JD, and every member of the Long Haul Family for giving us a company to be proud of.

Three Keys for the Month
1) Join us in congratulating Jason Michels, Tiffani Steinke and Josh Hainstock on their recognition of excellence and executive roles in leading Long Haul toward the future!

2) DAW week was an excellent event for us to connect with our teammates on the road and make some great memories as a team! Thank you to all of our great drivers for everything you do all
year round!

3) Don’t forget to equip your rig with the appropriate amount of chains for Colorado travel as chain laws have officially gone into effect as of September 1st!