Pulling For Logan

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

The following story is a culmination of efforts from many, amazing individuals. We would like to begin by thanking and recognizing the following companies for making this happen.
Extreme Trailer, LLC, Jost International Corp, AWS Advanced Wheel Sales, Rockland Flooring, Meritor, H.H. Barnum Company, Chemsafe International, Exaloy, Grote Industries, LLC, Pennex Aluminum Company, Pride of the Hills Mfg. of Wooster

Les Smith and his family of workers at Extreme Trailers LLC in Dover, OH, have earned a reputation over the years of being a first class, family-oriented business. As a trailer manufacturer, Long Haul Trucking can count on Extreme to produce high quality, innovative equipment that maximizes opportunity for their fleet and shippers. However, not only is Extreme Trailer top notch as a manufacturer of state of the art trailers, but second to none as a company that inspires and promotes care for the people surrounding them. Extreme Trailers, along with a long list of their vendors, pulled together recently to do something amazing for the Long-Haul Family, and we cannot thank them enough for their generosity.

“You can tell he’s (Les Smith) a family man, he wants to make people happy, please everyone and make sure the job is done right.” exclaimed Long Haul driver Shannon Lique while on site in Dover, OH for the build of his new trailer. Shannon, like many drivers, have selected Extreme as their trailer manufacturer of choice due to their innovation of stronger, lighter trailers that can open new doors for available loads while out on the road. Shannon went on to state, “When you walk through the factory, and take the tour, it’s absolutely amazing. Les truly puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and you can feel that while learning about his operation.” Beyond their interaction as a manufacturer and customer, Shannon spent some extra time getting to know Les, “When I first went into Extreme to meet Les, I spent two days with him, personally and professionally. Les is the real deal. He’s personable, genuine and great to speak with, this is pretty amazing considering his position with the company.”

As Les and Shannon continued to spend time together, their relationship developed well beyond that of manufacturer and customer. Les learned that sadly Shannon’s son, Logan, had been dealing with cancer for one year, and wanted to do something to help their cause. This is when Les, along with his vendors, pulled together to help ease the price of Shannon’s new trailer and make a $20,000 contribution to the price. Once revealed, Shannon, along with his wife and son, Logan couldn’t believe what had been unveiled before them. “I cannot say enough positive things about Les, his family and the group of vendors that helped make this happen. My wife and Logan were blown away by the generosity of the vendors, Les, and his entire family at Extreme Trailers. I also want to thank Long Haul for their original idea behind starting the Team Logan T-Shirts, and all that they’ve done to help us raise awareness and fundraise.” It’s truly inspiring to read about the acts of selflessness, and kindness that Extreme Trailer and their vendor team portrayed while going about this process and we cannot say thank you enough from the LHT family for their support and outreach.

Shannon is excited to go to work with his new trailer, and equally excited about his new relationship with Les, and the group of wonderful individuals that helped make his trip to Dover, OH one of a life time. “When you deal with a large company, like Extreme Trailer, usually they have people that will interact and deal with you, very rarely is it the CEO, Les is different. He worked all day, took me out to dinner, then drove me to the airport to pick up my son and wife at 11:30 PM. Les is a genuine, personable human being who cares about what he does and the people around him.” Thank you again to all the amazing individuals that helped make this amazing donation toward Shannon’s new trailer reality. We cannot say thank you enough for your kindness and support, it truly speaks volume about the culture of your companies, and individual character, as well.