February Newsletter 2020

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Planning a trip north?

If you are an Owner Operator that works for Long Haul, planning on taking a trip to home base soon, don’t forget to set up your free quarterly or DOT inspection at Premier 94! Premier 94 has extended this offer to ensure that every driver on our fleet has an opportunity to have their inspections done at the best possible price, FREE!  We know that our drivers work hard for their money and we are committed to helping you save as much of it as possible.  Furthermore, while you are in town don’t forget to stop by and enjoy our drivers lounge and kitchen.  It’s always a treat to see drivers relaxing, watching TV or enjoying a home cooked meal in the kitchen.  Please also be mindful that this is a shared space and that it’s very important to clean up after yourselves so that the next teammate can comfortably enjoy the same amenities.  Thank you to all our teammates for being a part of the LHT Family, we appreciate each of you for your hard work and dedication!

Don’t Strike Out at the Plate!

Since the middle of February, we have been working hard to try to ensure that every driver has their new plate stickers on in order to keep running strong in 2020!  We are now at our deadline and it is of the upmost importance that all drivers have their new stickers already or a plan on how they will be retrieving them in the immediate future.  We value the hard work, dedication and commitment that all our drives make which is why it is incredibly important to all of us that everyone has their new plate stickers without delay in productivity.  Thank you all!

Where are you Planning to Park?

Fortunately, it appears that spring may be arriving a bit earlier than usual as we’ve enjoyed warmer temperatures in many states.  One thing to remember during a spring thaw is that it can create soft ground conditions.  Please keep this in mind when choosing a location to shut down for a break, as we don’t want to risk seeing any of our drivers sink or get stuck into a soft ground.  Keep up the great work team Long Haul – we can see clearly that 2020 is going to shape up to be a tremendous year!

Three Keys for the Month

  1. Don’t miss out on a free inspection here at LHT or your chance to enjoy the amenities of our drivers lounge! 
  2. Plate sticker deadline is HERE!  Make sure you have what’s needed to keep running strong.
  3. Warmer temps can mean soft ground conditions, be sure to know you’re on a strong surface when shutting down for an extended period of time!

THE BOTTOM LINEWe Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!

The freight forecast is predicting busy months ahead as the economy continues to run strong and we are excited to see all our drivers stay busy!  One important thing to remain mindful of is that while running from one load to the next, we are still taking the time to undergo a thorough pre and post trip. Pre – trip inspections are critical for a variety of reasons, one of which being that they can be instrumental in helping us avoid any issues loading or scaling our freight. By doing a thorough pre-trip and ensuring that your leveling valves are working properly, you can avoid over axle fines.  Keep up the great work and make sure to continue taking the time for thorough pre and post trip examinations of your rigs!