Long Haul Trucking returns to the Mid-America Trucking Show

longhaul Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul Trucking, based in Albertville, Minnesota, returns to the Mid-America Trucking Show this March 27th – 29th. Stop by Booth 36150 to talk to Long Haul Trucking recruiters about becoming an Operator/Owner or company driver. Learn about the new sign-on program that will make it easy for Owner/Operators to join Long Haul Trucking. We’ll be displaying the new industry …

John Pavia

John Paiva Company Driver

longhaul Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul Trucking is an elite club of truck drivers running on the power of promises kept. This year Long Haul Trucking offered a brand new employee stock program.  This made a lot of news in the trucking industry because of how rare it is. With over 48 new customers added last year alone, nothing is stopping Long Haul Trucking. …

Long Haul Trucking 4th Quarter Newsletter

longhaul Long Haul Trucking

OWNER OPERATORS WANTED!!! Our freight base is increasing!!!  In 2013, we added 48 new shippers to the Long Haul‘s freight base and the future is looking even better.  With the majority of the bidding for 2014 finished, Long Haul has increased its base again for the coming year.  There will be new shippers and new awards from existing shippers coming …

Great news for Long Haul Company Drivers

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Happy Holiday’s drivers! We would like to tell you about the new Drive Cams that Long Haul is putting into 40 of our company trucks as a trial and will be offering to owner operators if the trial is successful. THIS IS FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE DRIVER AND THE COMPANY. We have had many cases litigated that could have …

2013 Long Haul Trucking Awards

longhaul Long Haul Trucking

Congrats to ALL! 2013 Awards Harry Slimmer Leadership Award: Jeff Bolstad Harry Slimmer Scholarships: Cassidy Cetti – daughter of Perry Cetti, Heather Cramsey – daughter of Bob Cramsey, Lisa Poquette – daughter of Bob Poquette 1,000,000 Miles – Accident Free: Lovone Salyer 1,000,000 Miles: Jeff Bolstad, Kurt Dahlquist, Billy Hausmann, Mesay Hayle, Jesse Hunter, Clint LaRock, Scott Rhodenbaugh, Roger Smith, Brent Wells, Tim Wolf 10 Years Dedicated Service: Jonathan Jones, Rita Radloff, Ralph Donnay, Denny Rau, Jim Caza, Martin Erickson,  Jason Michels …


longhaul Long Haul Trucking

ALBERTVILLE, MN (Dec 9, 2013) – Long Haul Trucking is pleased to announce that the company has established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for its employees effective January 1st. An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan that will invest in the common stock of the company and provide eligible employees with an ownership interest in Long Haul. John Daniels …

John Crozman to receive the Harry Slimmer Five Star Diamond Status

longhaul Long Haul Trucking

Albertville, Minnesota Based LONG HAUL TRUCKING: John Crozman is the company’s first driver to receive the coveted Harry Slimmer Five Star Diamond status. John Crozman became an Owner Operator in 2009 and has helped Long Haul Trucking secure 5+ drivers and 5+ customers. John, who has driven accident and violation free, has received dozens of customer compliments. John has also …

Long Hauls Step Decks

longhaul Long Haul Trucking

Step Decks: Long Hauls Step Decks have sliding rear axles so they are legal in all states and Canada. Upper Deck: Up to 11’ x 102 ½” x 8’ Lower Deck: Up to 122 ½” x 102 ½ “ x 41’    

Dish Tailgaters are now available at Premier 94!

longhaul Long Haul Trucking

The Tailgater® Portable HD TV System consists of a fully-automatic, portable satellite antenna and an HD solo receiver. It’s easy to set up and automatically finds the right satellite for your DISH signal. Portable and lightweight, it’s easy to carry from one outdoor activity to the next. Enjoy the same programming packages you enjoy at home when you’re out on the …