Monthly Newsletter

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Congratulations Jon!
We are excited to announce that Long Haul Teammate, Jon Thompson, was awarded Driver of the Year for the NASTC! Jon was competing against many others for this title and ultimately won because of his outstanding work ethic, safety record and commitment to excellence! Jon has been with Long Haul since April of 2014. His professionalism and reliability are what makes him an exceptional driver. You can count on Jon to deliver each load safely, legally and on time. His customer service skills are second to none and we can always count on him to represent Long Haul Trucking in a positive manner on the road. Jon is a great representation of what a Long Haul Trucking teammate should be. Thank you, Jon, for all that you do to make us proud! #WeDriveLongHaul

Going Home for the Holidays?
With the holiday season in full swing, it’s very important that we remain mindful of practicing pro-active communication to ensure important holiday plans with family and friends aren’t missed! Part of our companies’ mission is to ensure all our teammates are able to spend the holidays in a satisfying, fulfilling manner, and a major factor that contributes to this happening is working with fleet and dispatch in a timely manner to be routed toward your preferred destination! We would like to wish all our teammates a very Happy Holiday Season and New Year!

Caring for Kids!
From November 15th through December 18th, Long Haul will be collecting gifts for our annual Caring for Kids Toy Drive. There are donation boxes staged at the entry way of Long Haul headquarters, we encourage and applaud all employees able to donate to brighten the holiday season for the youth in our surrounding region. We would also like to ask that you be mindful of the fact that these donations are offered to children up to the age of 18, and that we need gifts for all ages. Thank you!

Three Keys for the Month
1) Congratulations Jon on your amazing accomplishment of winning NASTC driver of the year, we are very proud to have you on our team!
2) If you’re planning to go home for the holidays, don’t forget to communicate plans early and often to ensure you reach your desired destination.
3) Caring for Kids Toy Drive will be held from November 15th through December 18th, let’s make this our best year yet!

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!
One tool that we always want our teammates to remain mindful of is utilizing our preferred fuel stops to save cash on discounts! When you log in to the driver portal on the Long Haul Trucking website, you are able to see all of our approved shops along with the discounts received from fueling there. In addition, we want all of our teammates to be aware that as of December 1st, 2018 Road Ranger is no longer under the Pilot umbrella. Please keep this in mind when selecting where to make your next fuel stop to ensure it’s as financially rewarding as possible. Thank you, all teammates, for thinking smart and saving money on fuel while out on the roadway!