Long Haul Trucking 4th Quarter Newsletter

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Our freight base is increasing!!!  In 2013, we added 48 new shippers to the Long Haul‘s freight base and the future is looking even better.  With the majority of the bidding for 2014 finished, Long Haul has increased its base again for the coming year.  There will be new shippers and new awards from existing shippers coming soon.  Thank you to all the professionals that make this possible.  We are always trying to increase the freight base in areas where we are weak and improve the relationships in areas we are strong.  Our first class dispatch, drivers, and equipment truly make Long Haul #1 in our industry and we are looking for more quality drivers and O/O’s to fulfill our growing business.

WE Have LOADS TO COVER NOW!!! O/O’s – Sign on by Feb 15th and receive 3 weeks FREE trailer rent!   

LHT Top Ten club members announced:


Company driver Ed Rasmussen edges out O/O Mike Niss for LHT King of the Road Honors by $555.00, with an amazing revenue for the year of $292,932.   Congratulations to Ed and the entire Top 10 Club!


1 Ed Rasmussen
$292,932 – Company Driver
2 Mike Niss
$292,377 – Owner operator (former company driver)
3 Clint LaRock
$290,993 – Owner operator (former company driver)
4 David Gerke
$285,741 – Owner operator
5 Dan Willing  
$283,476 – Owner operator
6 Kurt Dahlquist
$280,630 – Owner operator
7 James Wall
$276,403 – Owner operator
8 Tim Wolf
$270,683 – Owner operator
9 Mark Klein
$270,155 – Owner operator (former company driver)
William Muhlstadt    
$268,139 – Company driver

LHT Top Revenue  Team blows past half million mark with ease!  

CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Brown and Bill Brown, who ended the year with $545,954!

NEW for 2014  

Long Haul Trucking is now company owned.   

Drive for the company owned by you!!

Here at Long Haul Trucking, we believe that the ESOP presents a great opportunity for its employees and

company drivers alike to acquire an ownership interest in Long Haul Trucking.  The success of the company depends, in large part, upon the efforts of all its employees, and the company and John are delighted that the employees will now be afforded the opportunity to share in its ownership.  With the long term success of LHT,  this move assures our company drivers one of the best retirement plans offered in the industry today!!!

Another industry leading perk offered to LHT Company Drivers! Satellite TV in all tractors.

LHT company drivers are enjoying the new perk of Dish TV in their new 579 Peterbilt’s.  LHT drivers who drive safe and are accident free are enjoying the comforts of home watching Dish TV during their required breaks.  LHT believes first class drivers deserve first class equipment,  bumper to bumper!!!