June Newsletter 2022

Anthony Book Long Haul Trucking

Happy Anniversary, Long Haul Trucking!

July 1st is a special day at Long Haul Trucking as it marks the anniversary of the day we began! We cannot express enough the amount of gratitude and appreciation for we have for Long Haul’s founder, John Daniels, who started our organization 36 years ago! John began Long Haul with a vision of being a company that would offer elite customer service while standing by their loyal drivers every step of the way! Today, we are honored to be an organization that we feel still embodies John’s core values as a trucking company that is focused on building long term customer relationships, putting drivers first, and treating employees well! Our company is focused on taking strides daily towards always being one of the premier trucking companies to work for and do business with. Thank you, JD, for founding Long Haul 36 years ago, and giving us all a great company to be proud of!

Long Haul Drivers Shine at MTA Truck Driving Championships!

Long Haul was proud to be well represented by three of our company drivers/employee owners this past month at the Minnesota Trucking Association’s Truck Driving Championships! Our team was out there competing against some of the best drivers in the state and they did an outstanding job representing us! Please join us in congratulating Jon, Terry and Aaron for their awesome performances! All competing in the Flatbed Division, Jon finished in 2nd place, Terry in 4th and Aaron in 5th! Truck Driving Championships are all about safety, and to compete in them each driver must be accident free for the entire previous year. We appreciate all our driver’s attention to safety and especially these three who went on to represent Long Haul as safe drivers in front of the MTA. Thanks to all three of you for doing an awesome job representing Long Haul at this event!

Truck Show Recap

Throughout the month of June, several Long Haul drivers earned great recognition at various truck shows around the country and did an outstanding job of representing our brand along the way! Please join us in congratulating Theresa, Dean, Aaron and Robert who all competed in and placed at various truck shows throughout the month of June! Theresa and Dean competed at the Shell Rotella Superigs show where, for the second time in three years, Theresa took home the honors of Best in Show, while Dean finished second runner up! On that same weekend, Aaron and Robert were representing Long Haul at the Elk River Smoke N Show, where Aaron earned second place for interior, third for combination, and Robert took first for coming the furthest to attend! Outstanding jobs done by all four of you and thank you again for representing us all well!

Boost Your Earnings, Protect the Brand!

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the drivers that have already taken advantage of our referral bonus! We are proud to announce that this year alone we have already paid out $54,000 in referral bonuses and are eager to award more drivers with $2,500 for referring quality, professional drivers to join our team! For over 35 years, Long Haul has been proud of having a reputation built on operating a fleet composed of the most professional, clean-cut drivers in the industry. As we look to the future, it is important for us to keep this image intact by attracting the next generation of professional drivers. To help springboard this effort we are relying on our drivers, those that uphold our image daily, to do some work. Effective through the end of July, driver referral pay will remain at $2500 per driver, with orientation pay remaining at $2500 as well. Long Haul always has and will be a company driven by the best truckers in the industry, something we will never compromise, and we need our drivers help to continue to bring them here!