August Newlstter 2022

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August Newsletter 2022

Robert Gonzales Wins Minnesota Trucking Association’s Driver of the Month!
Please join us in congratulating Robert Gonzales as he was awarded MTA Driver of the Month! Robert earned this recognition for going above and beyond in helping a fellow teammate who fell sick out on the road return home! Robert is a true team player, unbelievable driver, and a person that we know bleeds Long Haul. Congratulations, Robert on this awesome accomplishment and thank you for all that you do!

Wash Your Equipment.
Please remember that all company equipment needs to washed weekly, a clean truck and trailer normally won’t get as much attention at the scale house like equipment that doesn’t see the washbay. For O/O’s pulling LH trailers you can go to any Blue Beacon and get straight wash and straight wax on the trailer and charge the trailer to the LH account. We would also like the trailers washed weekly. Clean equipment is a major part of the Long Haul image, thank you for taking pride in maintaining the equipment each of you operate to the highest level possible.

School Zone Safety Update!
The end of summer marks the return to school for kids. It also marks the need to increase our attention when approaching school areas and in our dealings with buses and bus stops.
• Always maintain a safe following distance. Keep as much space as possible between your vehicle and the bus in front of you. If you’re in front of a school bus, it’s important you’re paying attention to traffic and situations on the road around you.
• In traffic, avoid “cutting” in front of a bus. Many bus drivers leave a safe following distance between the bus and the car ahead of them to ensure a safer environment for passengers.
• Watch for buses that are loading or unloading children. Be prepared to stop when the bus stops. The most dangerous area around a school bus is the space 10 feet around the vehicle since this radius falls into the driver’s blind spot. Be sure to stop more than 10 feet behind a school bus to allow passengers a safe space for entering and exiting.
• Never pass a stopped school bus. No matter what state you are in, it’s illegal to pass a school bus that has stopped to load or unload children. This rule includes passing a bus from either direction, so any time you approach a school bus that has stopped to pick up or unload children, you need to stop as well.

Boost Your Earnings, Protect the Brand!
We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the drivers that have already taken advantage of our referral bonus! We are proud to announce that this year alone we have already paid out $54,000 in referral bonuses and are eager to award more drivers with $2,500 for referring quality, professional drivers to join our team! For over 35 years, Long Haul has been proud of having a reputation built on operating a fleet composed of the most professional, clean-cut drivers in the industry. As we look to the future, it is important for us to keep this image intact by attracting the next generation of professional drivers. To help springboard this effort we are relying on our drivers, those that uphold our image daily, to do some work. Effective through the end of September, driver referral pay will remain at $2500 per driver, with orientation pay remaining at $2500 as well. Long Haul always has and will be a company driven by the best truckers in the industry, something we will never compromise, and we need our drivers help to continue to bring them here!