March Newsletter

Kim Lundeen Long Haul Trucking

Employee Owned and Proud of it!  In December of 2013, founder and CEO John Daniels of Long Haul Trucking decided that the best way to maintain the fiscal and cultural future of our great company was to turn it into an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, (ESOP). One way to view our ESOP program is as an additional retirement account similar to a traditional 401k. Long Haul also offers an individual 401k program for their employees but in the case of an ESOP it is not your out of pocket contributions that grow the worth of your account, rather the amount of time you remain with the company. At the end of your 1 year anniversary with Long Haul you will become eligible to join in our ESOP program with ZERO out of pocket contributions. Our ESOP program is based off of a six year vesting schedule which credits you for one whole year on the terms that within that year you worked at least 1000 hours. What does that mean? If you choose to leave Long Haul before reaching your six year anniversary, you are still eligible to receive the percentage of your account valued to the amount of time worked.  Employees are vested at 20% after two full years of service with an additional 20% increase for each year after until completely vested. It has been determined based on the ESOP numbers gathered from 2016 that our share values equal an additional 6 cents per mile for each driver which is being directly deposited to their retirement accounts.   Interested in learning more? Contact our team today!

The Clutch
As of March, 2017 Long Haul Trucking is proud to introduce the first edition of our own company magazine, “The Clutch”.  Inside of the magazine our vision is to contribute articles of all different kinds that revolve around the world of Long Haul Trucking.  It is an outlet where we can spotlight our drivers for the outstanding work that they do every day, and attract more drivers of Long Haul caliber to come join our team. This magazine can also act as a marketing tool which we can use to engage with current and future customers in regards to the exciting world of Long Haul Trucking! Our team takes a tremendous amount of pride in making sure our product is one we can all be proud of, and The Clutch is just one of the outlets we can use to write about it!

Outstanding Contributions from All!
With the 2017 truck show now in the rear view mirror, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the folks who helped make it a reality.  Preparing for the show is no easy task and without the hard work from both Premier 94 and Velocity Streetwear, we may not have been able to pull it off as successfully as we did!  The team at Premier 94 put in a great amount of extra hours in order to ensure our rigs were show ready and able to perform without issue, while Velocity Streetwear again did an amazing job with vinyl wrapping the trucks, and designing new Long Haul apparel for us to proudly display and distribute. Thank you very much to both Premier 94 and Velocity Streetwear for your great work and partnership!

Three Keys for the Month

  • We’ve been an employee owned company since 2013 which means each member of the Long Haul family is personally invested in making our drivers successful. Success for one, equals success for all!
  • Thank you again to the great folks from Premier 94 and Velocity Streetwear for the excellent work you did in helping us prepare for the 2017 truck show and the outstanding support you offer the team all year long!
  • With spring season upon us it is especially critical to be aware of reduced speed zones as they can be more prevalent now than ever.  As road construction develops, there will be an increase in work sites and reduced speed zones that we need to pay attention to in order to remain free of citations and fines!

The Bottom Line
Monthly tips that will keep our money in our wallets, not paying fines!

It’s no surprise that Long Haul has a fleet of some of the best drivers out on the roadway today.  As our commitment to excellent service, driving and safety remain intertwined, now is a good time to remember the little details of our craft that help us remain free of citations and fines.  One critical area that we can all focus on is speeding violations. It is always important to know the speed limit of the road you’re traveling and also to be aware of any reduced speed zones coming ahead. Remember, when we enter an area of a reduced speed limit we need to be at that MPH prior to entering the zone, it is not acceptable to wait until you enter the reduced speed zone before you begin slowing down.  Keeping a keen eye on the little details like this can be the difference between staying fine free, or receiving a citation!