February Newsletter

Kim Lundeen Long Haul Trucking

Owner Operators Needed!
Our drivers say that working for Long Haul Trucking is like “Joining a family that cares about you,” this is a sense of commitment and community with our teammates that we take very seriously. It is with this family based mentally that we are driven internally to make sure each and every driver working for Long Haul Trucking is a success story.  We strive to be the company that has our driver’s best interest in mind from the moment they sign with us, to their last mile before retirement.  When you’re an Owner Operator at Long Haul Trucking you have the opportunity to earn up to 90% gross pay, with annual gross revenue valued up to $360,000!  Furthermore we are equipped with a great team of office personnel and dispatchers, who are committed to going to work for you every day to make sure you stay busy! This is complimented by a great customer base offering various freight lanes and the ability to give our drivers choices!  Aside from great pay and working with a first class team, our Owner Operators know that they are among the best truckers on the road and take pride in being a driver for Long Haul Trucking.  If you’re ready to make 2017 the last year you start a new driving job, look into becoming a LHT Owner Operator today!

Long Haul Family Cook Book Wrap Up
Thanks to all of the members of the Long Haul Family who helped contribute their great recipes to the Long Haul Family Cookbook!  This book has a great variety of dishes from appetizers, to casseroles, soups and salads and we are thrilled to share it with you! It is a small piece of our culture as a company who takes great pride in remaining family oriented; we believe it’s important to take the time to appreciate each other as more than just colleagues, but family!  If you have any interest in purchasing a Long Haul Family cookbook you may do so by contacting Jayna (Jaynaw@longhaultrucking.com) or Anthony (Anthonyb@longhaultrucking.com

Truck Show Season is Upon Us!
It’s no surprise that Long Haul Trucking takes pride in being the BEST looking group of trucks on the road, driven by the best drivers in the industry!  However, our passion for excellence is just as rich on the inside of the truck as it is on the outside.  We are constantly looking at new technology that helps us remain safe, while offering added protection for each of our great drivers while out on the road.  Two years ago, Long Haul Trucking was awarded Best In Class for our in-cab technology at MATS, and this is a trend we want to see continue!  As there continues to be a brighter light shined on trucking regulations and safe driving, Long Haul Trucking remains committed to standing out as one of the safest carriers on the roadway!.

Three Keys for the Month
1)  Safe driving is rewarded at Long Haul Trucking!  If you are a professional trucker who takes pride in safety and staying citation free,  LHT is the company for you!

2)  WE NEED OWNER OPERATORS.  If you are ready to join a first class trucking organization and be surrounded by people committed to your success as a driver then check out Long Haul Trucking today!

3)  Don’t forget to submit your order for the Long Haul Family Cookbook!  We have some outstanding recipes from all different members of the Long Haul Family, and we’re excited to share them with you!  Reach out to Jayna or Anthony for ordering details!

We Reward our Drivers Safe Driving Habits!
Safe driving does not go unrewarded at Long Haul Trucking!  Through various incentive programs, drivers at LHT are put in a position to redeem their safe driving habits for cash and prizes.  We know that the members of our fleet are a group of the best drivers on the roadway today and also believe that their hard work and attention to safety should not be left without reward.  In the year 2016, we proudly paid an amount of $290,747.45 in bonuses to COMPANY DRIVERS alone.  This month we would like to thank each of our drivers for the great value they place on safety. All of our drivers play a pivotal role in ensuring we remain an elite carrier who is known for safe driving and great drivers!