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Extreme Trailers

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Extreme Trailers LLC are experts in trailer design & manufacturing.
Their innovative aluminum trailers provide outstanding performance for fleets and owner-operators. Available in flatbed and drop-deck configurations, our products deliver increased payload capacity, lower operating costs, and long-term durability.

  • X-LiteTM, X-CaliberTM, and X-ForceTM are up to 15% less tare weight
  • Patent-pending crush-resistant (CRT) decking design
  • Saves on fuel and tolls
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Enhanced revenues


Our Patent-pending heavy duty hook features a multi-position, load security system that spans the length of the trailer. For use with chains or straps. It will not cut into or deform the anchor point.

Patented decking is 35% to 50% stronger

extreme trailer bed
Our patent-pending CRT™ (Crush Resistant Technology) enhances the strength and durability of the floor decking. The extruded aluminum floor is crush resistant and welds to the top flange of the main beam, creating a stronger beam section while reducing weight.

Light Panel Features

Extreme Trailer Rear PanelExtreme Trailer Rear PanelThe easily accessible service panel makes future maintenance fast and easy.

Rear Under Ride

Features a bolt-on attachment for ease of maintenance and serviceability.

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