April Newsletter

Kim Lundeen Long Haul Trucking

Invested in the Community.

Safety Rewarded in the First Quarter
Long Haul Trucking is dedicated to operating a safe, well maintained fleet.  We have been and always will be exclusive on who we hire in order to ensure each member of our team is one of the best drivers on the road today. With this mission in mind, we must always make sure the great drivers that we have understand the importance and value held for them as workers and individuals.  Rewarding our drivers for safety is one of the ways we can thank them.  We are proud to announce the winners of our 2017 Safety Incentive Program for the first quarter: Lisa Bolta, Jesse Hunter, Larry Mendoza and Mesay Hayle! These fine folks won through a drawing we held for each of our drivers that didn’t receiving a single citation or violation for the entire first quarter, which is an awesome accomplishment!  Aside from our sincerest gratitude for their outstanding work, each driver was also awarded 250.00! We value a safety oriented mentality for each of our drivers while out on the roadway, and appreciate the great work they do for us every day!

Interested in Joining a Great Team?
If you’re an experienced truck and trailer mechanic looking for a great job, Premier 94 might be the spot for you. We are currently looking for a knowledgeable, hard working mechanic to join our team with experience in both trucks and trailers. Premier 94 is located in Albertville, MN and connected directly to Long Haul Trucking corporate headquarters. You will be working with a great group of folks and get to help wrench on some of the best looking trucks on the roads!

If you have interest, please contact Rob Winter with Premier 94 at 763-497-5685, or email him at Robw@Longhaultrucking.com

Three Keys for the Month

  • Safe Driving is not something we take lightly and as an organization we are committed to rewarding those who consistently go above and beyond to stay safe!
  • If you’re an experienced mechanic with great work ethic and attitude then Premier 94 might be the spot for you.  We are currently in the market for a new mechanic and appreciate all interest.
  • Don’t forget the importance of making sure your bill of lading matches your dispatch info.  As shippers get busier, it’s on US to help hold them accountable and make sure that the freight we’re leaving with is the order we came for!

The Bottom Line
Monthly tips that will keep our money in our wallets, not paying fines!
With the first quarter of 2017 complete, Long Haul is pleased to report a successful outcome largely in thanks to the great work from our operations staff and driving team on a daily basis!  As the year rolls on and we continue to get busier, it is critical that we keep a close eye on the small details of our work in order to ensure important matters do not slip by!  One area that this can pertain to is the importance of making sure our bills match the trip that is sent out from dispatch.  Sometimes when loading at large facilities the folks in shipping can lose sight of what goes where and mistakenly put the wrong load on us.  Always remember the importance of double checking that what’s on your bills match your dispatch info and if it doesn’t, it must be communicated to dispatch ASAP!

Harry Slimmer Scholarship Foundation
Harry Slimmer holds a very special place in the Long Haul family and we couldn’t be more proud to have a scholarship fund in his name.  If you have worked or leased on at Long Haul for more than one year and have a child graduating high school in 2017,  then you are eligible to apply for the Harry Slimmer Scholarship!  In addition to being an employee or dependent of a Long Haul employee or Owner Operator, we also require a GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to be considered, along with a proven track record of reliability and responsibility.  We are still accepting applications up until June 1st and look forward to offering monetary support to the growing youth of our family all in Harry’s name. Please contact Tiffani Steinke for an application.  TiffaniS@LongHaulTrucking.com